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Solitude - new single out now

Julian Blackmore: Solitude

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Julian Blackmore: Essence, Vol.1




Thanks for visiting! I'm a British composer and musician living in New York City. I write, produce & perform music for theatre, film, television, radio and new media. Sign up for my mailing list on the left to keep up-to-date with the latest goings-on and downloads.

Drawing from a rich variety of genres my original music can be as driving and persuasive as it can be lyrical and sensitive. Always fresh and exciting, I combine captivating harmonic progressions with strong melodic lines and sonic experimentation, giving rise to wildly different work from musical theatre to ambient and electronica

My composition and production work has been used in film, tv, radio, apps, games, theatre, and children's activities. I enjoy songwriting collaborations, often writing top-lines with DJs, or working on scores for new musical theatre pieces. See a summary resumé of my work to date here, or read a selected bio.

As a musician I play piano and keys for many artists/organizations around New York City, including in the resident band at legendary rock venue Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village. I also music direct for theatre companies, schools and colleges. For more info see my performance resumé or visit my performance page