Let's Get Civical!


This month sees the launch of ‘Let’s Get Civical’, a new podcast that introduces you to basic topics of American politics and government, but in a fun, accessible way!  The show’s creators Arden Walentowski & Lizzie Stewart asked me to come up with a quirky 80s-inspired theme track, plus accompanying beds and stings.

You can hear the show at https://morebananaproductions.com/letsgetcivical/ or look for it on your favorite podcast player!

Goodspeed's Festival Of New Musicals


The Peculiar Tale Of The Prince Of Bohemia And The Society Of Desperate Victorians will kick off The 14th Annual Goodspeed Festival of New Musicals in January 2019.

With book and lyrics by Becca Anderson and Dan Marshall and music by Julian Blackmore, the show is based on a series of short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson.

When Prince Florizel learns that his father the King of Bohemia is dead, he seeks to escape the throne. He and his chaperone Colonel Geraldine are invited to join a secret society - The Suicide Club. Club members play a deadly card game nightly with higher stakes than the Prince has ever known. Realizing the deck is stacked against them, the Prince and Geraldine become inextricably linked to the club's members in this darkly hilarious new musical.

For more information about the festival and the show, CLICK HERE.

The Peculiar Tale....


Sometimes things just need a change, and when my collaborators and I were asked by a prominent theatre if we’d mind changing the title of our show we were all for it. Cue a spreadsheet of brainstorming alternate titles for the musical formerly known as ‘The Suicide Club’.

After much discussion we settled on this natty little number:


As of now we’re referring to it as simply ‘Peculiar Tale’, or sometimes just ‘PT’ if we’re feeling lazy.

As to the why’s and the who’s behind the change, look out for a big announcement in the New Year!

Christmas in July(ish)

Last week saw an unseasonal reading of a new draft of my holiday show 'Snow Way Out', featuring the wonderful talents of Maya Maniar, Colin Miyamoto, Jason Eno, Sarah Pesek, and Robert Johnson. 

The reading was presented in the beautiful Mary Rodgers Room at the Dramatists Guild as part of the Friday Night Footlights series. We had a full house, a lot of laughs, and walked away with some great insights into the piece. Thanks to everyone who came!

Playing on one of Richard Rodgers' old piannahs!

Playing on one of Richard Rodgers' old piannahs!


The Suicide Club update

Poster design by Hudson Meredith

Poster design by Hudson Meredith

After a few years on the back burner I'm very excited to dive back in to working on 'The Suicide Club' - a steam-punk musical comedy set in Victorian London.

Currently it's a lot of reformatting work as I move the project files from Sibelius over to Finale, with the addition of a few new songs and several tweaks (including a new character, so the sextet will now have to be re-worked as a septet...).

And there's nothing like a deadline, so we've set an early March deadline to finish everything off, ready for an informal table read of the latest draft in mid-March.

A new director with an exciting immersive vision for the show is on-board, and we're all hoping to move the show forward this year. Stay tuned!

Essence Vol.2 Available Soon

In and amongst other collaborative projects I like to play around with synths and organic sounds to create ambient soundscapes. The first, Essence Vol.1, was released several years ago and I've been meaning to do a follow-up to it for a long time.

Essence Vol 2 Cover 3000x3000.png

Essence Vol.2 features hypnotic swirling pads combined with organic and synthetic textures. Three long-form soundscapes provide an ideal backdrop for studying, working, or or just chilling out.

Essence Vol.2 will be available for download and streaming on January 15th. Check it out, follow my artist page on Spotify, and let me know what you think in the comments section!