Let's Get Civical!


This month sees the launch of ‘Let’s Get Civical’, a new podcast that introduces you to basic topics of American politics and government, but in a fun, accessible way!  The show’s creators Arden Walentowski & Lizzie Stewart asked me to come up with a quirky 80s-inspired theme track, plus accompanying beds and stings.

You can hear the show at https://morebananaproductions.com/letsgetcivical/ or look for it on your favorite podcast player!

funkiddztv on youtube

For the last few months I've been working with Indian animation company Animatzione writing and recording a new series of educational children's songs for their new YouTube channel FunKiddzTV.

The first one is up, and you can view it opposite.

Most of us probably know our ABCs by now, but it never hurts to refresh every now and then.