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The Peculiar Tale....


Sometimes things just need a change, and when my collaborators and I were asked by a prominent theatre if we’d mind changing the title of our show we were all for it. Cue a spreadsheet of brainstorming alternate titles for the musical formerly known as ‘The Suicide Club’.

After much discussion we settled on this natty little number:


As of now we’re referring to it as simply ‘Peculiar Tale’, or sometimes just ‘PT’ if we’re feeling lazy.

As to the why’s and the who’s behind the change, look out for a big announcement in the New Year!

The Suicide Club update

Poster design by Hudson Meredith

Poster design by Hudson Meredith

After a few years on the back burner I'm very excited to dive back in to working on 'The Suicide Club' - a steam-punk musical comedy set in Victorian London.

Currently it's a lot of reformatting work as I move the project files from Sibelius over to Finale, with the addition of a few new songs and several tweaks (including a new character, so the sextet will now have to be re-worked as a septet...).

And there's nothing like a deadline, so we've set an early March deadline to finish everything off, ready for an informal table read of the latest draft in mid-March.

A new director with an exciting immersive vision for the show is on-board, and we're all hoping to move the show forward this year. Stay tuned!

New Show, New Demos

After a couple of years of mulling ideas over my writing partners and I have finally dived in to the first draft of a new show! 'Heist' is based on the true story of the 1972 New York hotel robbery that was the largest jewelry heist in history. Who was Bobby Comfort, and why did he do it? Find out why just as soon as we've finished writing the show.

In the meantime check out a few songs from the show below.


Embracing the inner geek

Academia Nuts got a very generous name check by the lovely folks at in a recent article about how geek culture is driving current theatre trends. 

My favorite part of the article:

"The Cursed Child announcement certainly linked the worlds of page and stage forever. But a more perfect harbinger of things to come was a little show that debuted at the New York Musical Festival in 2014 called Academia Nuts."

Thanks, Hypable! Read the full article here.


Whatever Happened....?

Proud to announce that after completing phase one of Apples and Oranges' THEatre ACCELERATOR program in February with 'Spandex', music from the show was featured in a showcase held at Irvine's Barclay Theatre in August. 'Whatever Happened To Caring', the rousing Act 1 closer from the stretchy musical, was performed by an incredible cast and band, and the audience even got to join in by waving LED lighters provided by the producers. Check out the video below!

More info on the concert can be found here.

Opening Night

Tonight is opening night for a brand new production of 'Spandex' at the Minnsky Theatre in Minneapolis. While I sadly can't be there as I am traveling I want to say a big thank you to all the cast, crew, and creatives for all their hard work in putting this production together. Break a leg and stretch it out!

Anyone interested in seeing the show, which runs to June 10, can get tickets here.

The cast of 'Spandex' in the original 2013 production.   Photo by Becca Anderson

The cast of 'Spandex' in the original 2013 production.

Photo by Becca Anderson

'Snow Way Out': First Public Performance

I’m thrilled to be able to announce a reading of the new holiday musical ‘Snow Way Out’, which I've been I've been working on with collaborators Becca Anderson and Dan Marshall.

The 90 minute 4-actor show will be presented as part of the York Theatre's Developmental Reading Series on Monday December 19th at 2pm, here in NYC.

We have a fantastic cast lined up, including Olivier Award-Winner Lesli Margherita(Matilda, Dames At Sea). The reading will be directed by the amazing Thomas Caruso(Southern Comfort, Brave New World), with musical direction by Kevin David Thomas.

Tickets are available here, and you can read more about the show and its cast in the press release here.

Snow Way Out

Spring may be creeping it's way into our lives here in NYC, but snow is still at the forefront of my writing. 'Snow Way Out', a new 4-person Christmas musical comedy I'm working on has a table-read coming up on April 4th. There's a new draft of the script (with a few surprising new elements), read by Broadway and Off-Broadway actors, along with some brand new songs. I'm excited to see how it all the new material fits together! Many thanks to CAP 21 for hosting and organizing this reading.