a year with...veronica sexton


A Year With....Veronica Sexton is a whirlwind, one-woman, one-act musical following twelve months with the gin-addled Veronica Sexton as she goes in search of a man and a job.


Veronica Sexton is an Englishwoman in New York. With Cosmo as her bible and Tanqueray and as her friend, she navigates her way through an entire year in search of love, gainful employment, and acceptance from her mother. Join her as she discovers what it means to babysit, be a professional stalker, and get told she's eating too many chips (fries).


  • May 27-29 2011   Duct Tape & A Dream Festival (Roots & Wings Theatrical)
  • April 29th 2010    One Woman Standing (Staged reading) (Emerging Artists Theatre)